C-Level Agendas

10-12 JUNE 2025 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Agenda for business leaders

Transform your management area, Feel the Exponential Intelligence

Participate in an exclusive agenda for each professional role that will help you adopt the best strategies to achieve a successful transformation of the management area. Each panel is specially designed to empower C-Level executives and help them adapt to the new digital economy. Join the summits to adopt the crucial knowledge, skills and solutions to ignite your organization, uncover new opportunities, fuel innovation and discover digital talent.

Leadership Summit

An international meeting of business and political leaders. Altogether, we aim to promote digitization of SMEs, large corporations and public administrations.

CDO Summit

Chief Digital & Data Officer are transformation leaders, not just focusing on transforming their organizations, but in building out new business models to satisfy today’s customer demands.

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In the midst of the digital revolution, where different technologies facilitate and force transformation, CIOs face the challenge of leading their organizations by delivering innovative use of IT.

Chief Marketing Officer

Improve your customer experience, stay relevant and enhance your user experience, to understand which are the processes needed to target your customers more easily and even enter new markets.

Chief Procurement Officer

A unique program created for CPOs and Purchasing Directors to understand their new challenges and roles as value creators in the organizations through the efficient implementation of technologies.

HR Summit

The future of work is already here with great challenges: how to transform ourselves into digital, connected, agile, flexible, attractive, human and data-driven organisations?

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AI Director Summit

Delve into a forum entirely dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, where we will address the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in this thrilling field. From sessions on disruptive innovation to expert panels discussing the latest trends, our agenda is crafted to provide Directors of AI with a comprehensive and practical insight to drive leadership in the era of artificial intelligence.

Chief Sustainability Officer Agenda

Dive into specialized sessions that will thoroughly explore key aspects of sustainability and governance. From innovative strategies to sustainable leadership practices, these sessions are designed to equip CSOs with the tools and perspectives necessary to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future.

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