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11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

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Join Industry Forums to explore trends, strategies, best practices and the most disruptive technology to improve customer experience, optimize operations management and boost new business models within your sector. Discover the most impressive success stories and get inspired to transform your company with a power to disrupt and lead the whole industry.


BANKING & INSURANCE: Discover the Top global voices and new inspiring success stories about hyperautomation, data analytics, public cloud solutions and new payment methods in the Banking and Insurance industry. Learn about the top trends on ESG and sustainability, customer personalization, chatbots, cybersecurity and the evolving landscape of Fintech and Blockchain solutions highlighted by the exponential technologies and the new regulatory context.

    • TOPICS:  Hyperautomation & Customer personalization – Data – Chatbots – Public Cloud – Social Messaging Payments – Cybersecurity – Blockchain – Fintech landscape –  Crypto: bubble or asset?
    • TARGET: Banking Manager, Debt Analyst, Banking Analyst, Cost Controller, International Finance Controller, Management Controller, Risk Manager, Fund Manager, Fintech Manager, Compliance Expert, M&A Analyst, Banking/Insurance Marketing Manager, Banking/Insurance IT Manager, Insurance Broker, Insurance Company Manager, Innovation Managers.




RETAIL & eCOMMERCE: Learn the best practices from Top C-Level global experts about Personalized shopping experiences, integration of AR/VR technologies in the retail industry, growth of subscription services, sustainable and ethical practices, widespread use of AI applications and exploration of new distribution channels.

    • TOPICS:  Social commerce – Personalization – AR/VR – Subscription services – Sustainable and ethical shopping practices – AI applications – New distribution channels
    • TARGET: E-commerce owners, specialised e-commerce managers: technology, marketing, finance. Managers of service companies providing on-demand services. CDOs, CIOS, CISOS, CAIOs, CSSOs.

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TOURISM & HOSPITALITY: Best practices about Growth Management, Predictive analysis and detection of behavioral patterns in travelers from Big Data, Leads conversion optimization, IoT, Process Automation and Hyperpersonalization thanks to the AI democratization and the business application of other exponential technologies. Furthermore, discover the ESG and Sustainability success stories from top C-level experts to illustrate the challenge of the regulatory current context.

    • TOPICS:  Sustainability – Hyperpersonalization – Predictive analysis and pattern detection, chatbots – Processes automation, IoT – Growth Management and leads conversion optimization – Cost of life and prices – HORECA challenges
    • TARGET: Hotel managers, tourism transport company managers, HORECA channel managers, town councils and community presidents, tourism marketing managers, innovation managers, digital transformation managers, Managers of Apps/Webs of services and products related to Tourism, Sustainability Managers of tourism companies, IT Managers.



MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT: Explore the evolution of distribution channels in the entertainment industry towards software companies, the development of a new regulatory ecosystem for royalties, and the empowerment of the ‘Branded Entertainment’ concept through centralized management of music, audiovisual, and audio content under a global tech umbrella. Learn about the impact of AI in the Entertainment industry (Audiovisual, Music, Gaming and Arts) and its significant implications for businesses, creators and artists.

    • TOPICS:  New distribution channels – New regulatory ecosystem for royalties – 3 idustries in one: music, audiovisual and audio. – New marketing (branded Entertainment)
    • TARGET: Managers of companies related to the Entertainment sector (music, audiovisual, podcast, etc.). Marketing managers and managers from other areas interested in digital transformation.




ENERGY: Advanced modeling for integrating renewable sources in the electricity market, focus on smart grids, predictive maintenance for distribution networks, and anticipation of electricity demand in urban or industrial settings. C-Level discussions about the cost battle, trends, and challenges in the renewable energies vs. traditional market, and the future energy consumption generated by AI.

    • TOPICS:  Electricity market modeling and simulation for the integration of renewable sources – Smart grids – Predictive maintenance of electrical distribution networks
      Anticipation of electricity demand in urban or industrial environments – The war of costs – Renewable energies vs traditional market: trends and challenges – The energy consumption that AI will generate in the future
    • TARGET: Digital Transformation Managers, Engineering Managers, Robotisation Managers, Internal Process Managers, R&D Manager, Energy Business Development Manager, Photovoltaic Energy Asset Manager, Renewables Project Manager, Safety, Sustainability, Health, Quality and Environment Manager, Energy Mobility Expert.



eMOBILITY & SMART CITIES: Key highlights from the e-Mobility and Smart Cities Forum: Micro Mobility trends, the rise of Mobility as a Service, Europe’s complex relationship with electric cars, a focus on accessible cities, tech solutions for digital citizens, and the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart grid and smart city modeling.

    • TOPICS:  Micro Mobility – Mobility as a Service – Europe and the electric car: a love-hate story – Accessible cities – Tech solutions for digital citizens – Smart grid and smart cities modeling – The Internet of Things (IoT) for smart cities
    • TARGET: Digital Transformation Managers, Engineering Managers, Robotisation Managers, Internal Process Managers, CIOs, Innovation, Sustainability Managers, CSR Managers, Mobility Managers, Technology Managers, Automotive Managers, Accessibility Managers, Logistics and Distribution Managers.



HEALTH. BIOTECH & LIFESCIENCES: Top Global leaders on Biotech advancements in Medicine and Agriculture and the integration of AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data in the Health sector. Explore the Synthetic Biology, listen to the C-Level experts discussions on regulatory concerns and costs in health research, learn about applications of Neuroscience in business and delve into the new ESG challenges in the industry that are affecting companies.

    • TOPICS:  Biotech in Medecine, Agriculture, ESG and industry – AI, Machine learning and Big data in the health sector – Synthetic Biology – Regulatory concerns and costs in the health research – Neuroscience and its application to business – New apps/tools/case Studies – Health and sport
    • TARGET: Managers of health science companies: medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, ecology, agriculture, virology, etc., Managers of technological companies (Apps, websites, services) related to health, Managers of non-pharmaceutical laboratories, Managers of companies supplying products or services to hospitals or pharmaceutical laboratories (aesthetics or medicines), Marketing managers interested in health and new techniques (neuroscience).



MANUFACTURING & INDUSTRY 5.0: Groundbreaking insights at the Manufacturing & Industry 5.0 Forum: Renewable energy-driven industrial systems, a harmonious synergy of Humans and Machines, and the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data 5.0. Discover a humanized perspective on technological transformations in the industry.

    • TOPICS:  Industrial systems based on renewable energies – Humans and Machines: Better Together – Internet of Things (IoT) and big data 5.0 – a humanized vision of technological transformations in industry
    • TARGET: Digital Transformation Managers, Engineering Managers, Robotisation Managers, Internal Process Managers, CIOs, IT/Technology Managers, Innovation Managers, Sustainability Managers, Logistics and Distribution Managers.


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