DES boosts sustainability

11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

Sustainability at every level

At Digital Enterprise Show we are deeply commited to sustainability. Our main goal is to boost digitalization and technology in every industry. Contributing into competitiveness means contributing to sustainability too.

Being a Biosphere Certified event is a testament of our efforts to have a postive impact in our environment, society, communities, industries and economics.

Towards Zero Waste. Everything has a second life

In collaboration with Ocean52, all Congress water is aluminium and reusable. This not only eliminates plastic, but also reduces single-use packaging and, together with Ocean52, we contribute to a positive impact by allocating 52% of our turnover to ocean conservation projects.

Besides that, we also have eliminated paper from our event with digital initiatives such as the visitor’s guide in the DES APP, the exhibitor’s guide through QR codes, or going from using paper lists for institutional and networking activities to using Tablets.


We have recycling points and there are bins to separate waste distributed throughout our showroom. In addition, at eMobility World Congress we are dealing with a wide variety of topics with specific forums dedicated to sustainable transportation options such as the Automotive Forum, Air Mobility Forum, Urban & Micro Mobility Forum or People and Talent Forum.


Also, 65% of the common areas material is reused from other events, so that we don’t need to build and create waste in our assembling.

Contributing to more sustainable communities

Act Global and Think Local is our late motiv.

With the celebration of Digital Enterprise Show we have an impact of 34M€ but we know that economic growth is not possible if this is not sustainable. That is why we only count on local suppliers and we promote the offer of Málaga from its architecture, culture and gastronomy.

DES is an international event focused also on local impact to help the city and community of Málaga and Spain grow in every way.



An Event for everyone. Embracing inclusivity and equality

All our sessions have simultaneous translation and we have created a congress that is accessible to anyone with reduced mobility.

We also promote and highlight the role of women in technology and industry.

Women play a fundamental role in our Congress and that is why we collaborate with associations such as the European Women Association, dedicated to advancing the economic empowerment of women.

Using Green Energy

FYCMA has its own photovoltaic solar energy plant with 561 panels that generate approximately 155 kWh per year.  Inaugurated in 2008, its performance in recent years is equivalent to the amount needed to avoid the emission of 37 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Shuttles and buses are also available for attendees to share transport and reduce the carbon footprint.