13-15 JUNE 2023
DES Show Obama

Join thousands of business leaders at DES2023

Visit the world's leading event dedicated to Digital Transformation

Digital Enterprise Show is an event that you cannot miss! Get ready for the challenge of digitally transforming your business and becoming a leading player in the new digital economy.
Discover the latest technology from top tech companies showcasing the latest innovations to help you be more competitive in your industry.
Take advantage of the skills transition and unique networking opportunities to discuss with your peers your vision and the challenges every organization faces these days.

Top industries:



Industry 4.0

Urban Mobility

Smart Cities

Retail & E-commerce




Public Sector


Media & Entertainment

Tourism & Hospitality

Education & Reskilling

eSports & Gaming

Beyond Technology

Don’t miss DES2023 to keep an eye on new technologies, ecosystems, and partnerships — in areas such as AI, Multicloud, Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things— to bring business and
tech sides together and lead the transformation from the top.