11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

The brands debate: facing the exponential challenge

Wed 12 Jun | 17:50 - 18:30

Leading brands gather to tackle the exponential challenge posed by emerging technologies. From AI and blockchain to biotech and beyond, the conversation delves into how these exponential technologies are reshaping industries and consumer expectations. Experts from diverse sectors confront pressing questions: How can brands adapt and thrive in an era of rapid technological change? What strategies are essential for staying ahead of the curve while maintaining consumer trust and loyalty? The debate isn’t just about embracing innovation; it’s about navigating the ethical and societal implications of these advancements. From data privacy concerns to the impact on job markets, panelists grapple with the broader implications of exponential technologies on society.

Oualae Alami

Oualae Alami

Global Commercial Lead, Combos and Influenza Vaccines


Ceren Cerciller

Ceren Cerciller

Founder and CEO

Inside Council