Additive manufacturing has reached a stage of maturity. More and more benefits, uses and potentialities for this technology have been found. Our life has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. So, we live in a world that moves so fast making change the only constant thing. Our dynamic world has been invaded by smartphones, tablets, robots, the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence. Generating what we know today as Industry 4.0. How has 3D design changed our lives? These are some additive manufacturing solutions that you will probably like.

What is additive manufacturing?

Also known as 3d printing, it is the manufacture of parts or products from 3D designs. We use it to create objects faster than in a traditional production process. It has become quite common due to the low production cost of this technology that until recently was used only to make prototypes.

Some of the additive manufacturing solutions are, much faster production, eliminating traditional processes at lower costs; manufacture of exchange pieces with different geometries; customization of parts and products, etc.

There are different uses that can be given with 3D designs and that involve additive manufacturing solutions in Industry 4.0.

Fields in which additive manufacturing solutions can be applied

This technology breaks paradigms. We live in a world in which we constantly innovate. We are looking for a way to make things faster. The improvement of processes makes life much easier for us. Therefore, this is a technology that could be applied practically to any field in which you want to improve processes. These are some examples.

Medicine: From prosthesis to organs. The additive manufacturing solutions in medicine are endless. Organs printed in 3D. It is the future of medicine. Maybe you think we will become cyborgs, but it is not science fiction, it is our reality. The future is today.

Construction, design, and architecture: From models, prototypes, designs, to complete buildings. Is not it surprising? Even perfectly functional bridges can be printed at a lower cost.

Art: Artists have their space with additive manufacturing. Sculptures, characters, gigantic or tiny works. Art is always welcomed to the digital world.

Transport: Parts of interchangeable vehicles, totally printed with this technology.

The future is today.

Still, have doubts about the incredible solutions that additive manufacturing offers? The 3D design leaves the computational world and virtuality to enter real space and it is so good. We love the large number of applications of this technology to create quickly, easily and innovatively. Have you used additive manufacturing?