We have said that the Internet has changed our lives so many times that it has become a cliché. In fact, the internet is so old now that there are already two generations of people who do not know the world without it. But is the Internet as widespread as it seems? Does it affect everything, as we usually say?  Through these few examples, you will see that there are things that use the Internet even more efficiently than the human being.

1.- Things that use the internet 1: fridges

Home automation is a field with several years of development behind it. There are smart homes that put the heating on so you do not get cold when you get home from work. Or intelligent alarm systems that you can control from your mobile. They allow you to turn lights on and off, raise and lower blinds or play music from the other side of the world. So the thieves think you’re home.
But we are talking about refrigerators that use the internet. Actually, fridges have owned their right to be the first things that use the internet on our list. They can warn you that you have run out of a product, that the lettuces are about to expire or that there has been a power cut. But they are also able to make the purchase for you whenever you connect them to marketplaces that allow it.

2.- Things that use the internet for your peace of mind: pet collars

People who often travel or who spend many hours away from home and have pets can relax from now on. There are models of collars that monitor pets activity. They show you, on your mobile, their sleep hours, if they have eaten or their heart rate. Also, there are applications that let you play with your cats from anywhere in the world. These are devices that allow you to see your cat in real time. At the same time, you can activate a laser pointer so it to plays to chase it. This is a win-win situation: he stays active and you do not miss him.

3.- Things that use the internet and make our lives more comfortable: a robot suitcase

It is a trolley suitcase that does not need you to pull it or push it. It is controlled by a mobile application and will follow you wherever you go.

4.- Internet and the management of cities

The Libelum company has created not only things that use the internet, but a business model based on them. Thus, this company has developed an internet-based software that indicates when to water the gardens, when to turn on the lighting, etc. These actions used to be automatically programmed. The use of the internet allows a more rational use of resources, since it is not as much dependent on the clock as on the actual hours of light. As for the irrigation system, it is activated when the gardens need water, and not daily by default.
There are many things that use the internet. We have not talked about the applications that help to find parking in the city or even computerized parking. But at DES Madrid we love technology and we keep up with the latest events. So, if you want to know much more about the internet of things, stay tuned.