Industry 4.0 was born from a new digital world. The world is connected thanks to different technologies that have made everything easier. The speed with which we are required to act in today’s world has led us to seek better processes. Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing. They are technologies that connect us and help us to better understand the world in which we live. A reality that becomes more evident every day. But what is a reality? These technologies have helped us understand that there is beyond our own reality. That there is a virtual reality, where everything is created by a computer. That there is an augmented reality, where we add virtual information to real space. How do these realities fit into Industry 4.0?

Fast and easy processes thanks to industry 4.0

Automated processes are much faster than traditional processes. In the design of these processes, the use of technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality grows exponentially. Because these technologies can be used to design, simulate or complement the information of a real environment. There are different uses that augmented reality and virtual reality can have to make processes faster and easier.

This is how they fit perfectly into a new connected world in a stage of intelligent industries.

Applications of augmented reality, mixed and virtual reality in industry 4.0

The possibilities are endless due to the potential of these technologies. Each time AR and VR are used in different fields. Some examples of uses are:

Manufacturing processes: Product design. Simulation or preview of prototypes. 3D guides, virtual tours. Process simulation.

Maintenance: Additional information in real spaces. Optimization of tasks. Simulation of damages.

Logistics: Programming and task management. More intuitive interfaces.

Training: Real simulations in real time, in virtual or real environments.

The use of AR and VR technologies is undoubtedly a great ally to facilitate the processes. The connected world that seeks new solutions makes use of these technologies to reduce expenses. It is easy then to see how these tools fit into industry 4.0. Its uses are truly functional and attractive for any company.

In recent years more companies have used these technological tools to optimize their processes. Saving time and money. Achieving better results and reaching their customers faster.

Do you know other uses of AR and VR for Industry 4.0? The world is connected, constantly changing and needs technological innovations to improve.