Digital transformation is relevant for private companies, but it is important for public ones as well. The public sector has to face digitalization sooner or later to fit into the needs and requirements of the citizens and private corporations in public-private cooperation scenarios.
José Antonio Ondiviela, Western Europe Industry Market Development Manager in Microsoft, believes that digitalization is an opportunity for governments to catch up with innovation.
In the nearest future, public servants should be able to work from home, and services will be driven by information obtained from the data collected among citizens instead of being driven by tasks. Governments need Big Data and analytic tools to process the data and get insights from it, as part of the digital tools provisioning strategies for the public sector.
Patricia Urbez, Head of Public Sector, Fujitsu, the public sector has to face challenges as the energy management, or the hyper connectivity of citizens, and, at the same time, has to align its goals with those of the digital transformation to succeed.