The field of health is in constant development of new technologies, searching always for solutions of the big problems and threats that always surround the human kind or for better solutions that ensures the better outcomes for the patients. However the aspiration of searching new answers never stops and is the main engine for a lot of investigators to take the new technologies and search a way of implying them in healthcare area as economic treatments and more specific such as personalized drugs and more.

New technologies applied to already knew treatments

With all the new technologies some of the old treatments can be improved so their percentage of success is increased and the side effects are eliminated. Among these treatments there is for example the improvement of pacemakers, now made without lead, a heavy element that increased the infection risk due to the toxic effect it has on the organism.
There are also new technologies for old problems such as organs transportation. Previously the organ was kept with cold solutions and transported in coolers but that transportation always made some damage to the organ. Now a lot of investigations had designed boxes capable of keeping the organ working (For example a heart or a lung) so it does not get deteriorated during the implant process.
Other area that has improved is the cancer treatment, creating new ways to treat cancer using cells activated through T cells capable of detecting and destroying cancer cells as an advanced immune therapy, this new technology is still on investigation but it holds potential to cure the most aggressive kinds of cancer due to its quick action.        

New applications in health due to new technologies

Apart of the improvement of already knew treatments, there are new treatments possible thanks to the new technologies and they help to increase the chances of survival and life quality of persons at scales we only dreamt years ago.
For example, the 3D-printers are a new way to create items and naturally, they have applications in the health area. With the 3D-printers investigators have discovered the way of creating synthetic organs made out special membranes and also and more recently discovered, the way to create 3D printed drugs ¿How is that possible? You may ask yourself, but there are investigations analyzing the different possibilities such as personalized drugs made with the right proportions according to the patient and even a precise dosage made for the patient. This new technology enables also the creation of more complex drugs.
    These and many other new technologies such as bio chips and more sophisticated electronical parts are being investigated to increase the human capabilities and facilitate any procedure. For example new creations are medicinal property tattoos, which help to keep monitored the body values such as the sugar in the blood, arterial pressure and the heart rate ar any moment from that point on the skin, they can be controlled by an application on a smartphone.