The world of robotics is advancing by leaps and bounds. So much so that several studies predict that within a few years’ robots will occupy much of the jobs that today are performed by people. What we previously considered science fiction is now possible thanks to the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. This means that the inventions we see in the movies could become reality in the not so distant future.
Androids are very versatile and have many advantages, including that they can perform certain tasks more efficiently than humans. However, until now it has been considered those the activities in which they stand out are mechanical and repetitive actions, but thanks to the advances of the artificial intelligence is demonstrated that they can be very good performing other type of tasks more complex and abstract, this is the case of iPal, the robotic nanny.

What is iPal?

AvatarMind, with offices in China and Silicon Valley, has created the robot iPal, a nanny robot that talks and moves to help children with their chores and keep them company. It works thanks to 23 motors installed throughout its body and is destined to take care of children between 3 and 8 years. It is almost perfect; it measures the same as a 5 year old, does not get tired and has an infinite patience with children. You will always have resources to entertain the little ones. It has great knowledge in all fields, is safe, docile, sweet voice and has something that all children love, is a robot.
This robot-nanny is able to remember the tastes and interests of the small children in charge, and to make queries through the cloud so that there is always something to talk about. Ipal wakes them up at their time to go to school, make sure they eat breakfast and brush your teeth. He advises them what clothes to wear depending on how long they do and can take photos to send the parents to their smartphones.
Although this robot has a rather expressionless face, from the creative company defend that it is not a cold machine, without feelings, but thanks to the various sensors it integrates, it is capable of responding to different feelings, such as joy, depression or loneliness, Possesses memory and a motor of learning to go recognizing the interests of the child and to adapt better to their tastes.
The robot also makes photos and videos of what it does at all times. Parents can access these images from their mobile phones to see how their child is and what they do at all time. It also has applications to make sure you wake up on time, what time it will do or if your child has washed their hands or teeth.
The robot has autonomy of a couple of hours during which it can help the children to make friends through the application Child Messenger. IPal has already gone on sale in China. AvatarMind, the creator of the nanny robot, hopes to reach the US market this year.