The application of Artificial Intelligence has become a lever for transforming business models, as well as driving new business opportunities. According to industry research figures, 98% of company leaders believe that Artificial Intelligence will play a transformative role in their organisation’s strategies in the next three years. This vision becomes even more relevant after the irruption of Generative Artificial Intelligence, where the popular ChatGPT is framed. This technology has led to the democratisation of AI and is having an unprecedented impact on all segments of the industry, from the generation of content, such as videos, images, texts, presentations or audios, to the hyper-personalisation and automation of services, or the agility of processes.

The seventh edition of DES – Digital Enterprise Show will define the roadmap of the exponential acceleration that Generative Artificial Intelligence is experiencing and the scope it will have in defining new business models. In fact, some experts, such as Bank of America analysts, claim that AI is a revolution comparable to electricity. The international event that will bring together more than 16,000 professionals from all over the world in Malaga from 13 to 15 June has already confirmed the first world leaders in this technological innovation. The experts will position the city as a digital hub of reference in southern Europe and help companies to be prepared for future disruptions.

The Digital Business World Congress, the largest international meeting on digital transformation, will be held as part of the event. In this regard, the forum will be attended by Nina Schick, one of the first experts in Generative Artificial Intelligence. The specialist will address the uses, opportunities and threats of this innovation. Founder of Tamang Ventures, Schick advises international technology and AI companies, has worked on geopolitical crises such as Brexit, the war between Russia and Ukraine and has advised, among others, Joe Biden, President of the United States, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, former Secretary General of NATO. In addition, his first book Deepfakes has been translated into five languages.

Shelly Palmer, another world leader in the field of technology, has also confirmed his participation in DES2023. The Syracuse University professor-in-residence will forecast where new digital solutions, including Artificial Intelligence, are headed. Named LinkedIn’s “Top Voice in Technology”, Palmer’s voice and vision on technology is highly regarded among innovation specialists. A regular broadcaster on CNN and CNBC, Palmer is also CEO of The Palmer Group, a consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies with technology strategies and solutions, and co-founder of Metacademy, a free platform that teaches Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3 and Metaverse applications.

These two prestigious communicators will be joined by Ben Hammersley, Founding Editor of WIRED, technologist and strategic foresight driver. The specialist has an extensive background in technology that supports his reputation as a futurist in this field. He was he first reporter for The Times to be dedicated to covering the internet, a profession that also led him to acquire technical coding skills. He is the author of several books on technology and is the originator of the term “podcast”. Hammersley will attend DES2023 with the purpose of sharing his point of view and guiding professionals in their reflection on where technology is heading and what are the next steps to be seen in the coming months. David Wood, one of the pioneers of the smartphone industry and creator of the world’s first operating system for smartphones, which has been adopted by Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung, will also share his thoughts.

In addition to these world leaders, another company that will contribute its knowledge and experience in the development of AI will be IBM, which has been leading this technology for years with its Watson project. The company will address the scope and speed with which AI is permeating new business models and aspires to change the course of humanity.

A revolution that drives constant innovation

According to market estimates, by 2025, 10% of all data produced and 30% of all outbound marketing messages of major brands will come from Generative AI. The future is already here and this is precisely the message that DES2023 will convey under its slogan “Next is now”. The international meeting will explore the challenges faced by corporations, SMEs, Public Administrations and entrepreneurs to operate in an environment of continuous innovation, in which the union of Digital Talent, business and technology in all areas of the organisation will drive the creation of new competitive models.

In turn, more than 400 exhibiting firms will present their latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Hyperautomation, Web 3.0, Metaverse, Cybersecurity, Data Intelligence, Multicloud, Blockchain, IoT, 5G or clean techs for all industry segments. The two FYCMA pavilions will host solutions from leading companies such as Banco Santander, Clear Channel, Convertix, Easyvista, Fhios, Globant, Grupo Aire, Havas Media Group, IBM, Inetum, KPMG, Personio, RedK, Stratio, Tealium, Telefónica Tech, T-Systems, WeHumans, VMware, among many others.

DES | Digital Enterprise Show (13-15 June 2023, FYCMA, Málaga) is an event of Nebext – Next Business Exhibitions in collaboration with the City of Málaga and the Junta de Andalucía. In six editions, it has become the largest European professional event on digital business transformation and one of the world’s benchmarks that offers senior management the latest technological solutions and products to accompany large corporations, SMEs and European Public Administrations towards digital transformation. Over 3 days, we combine technology and innovation with digital leadership, technological solutions to improve customer and employee experience, optimisation of operational processes and the identification of new business models, services and products across all industries.