Successful companies are those able to adapt, evolve and innovate. They need to find innovative solutions to their challenges by devising disruptive answers and efficient paths.

As a digitally native and technology company, Globant is passionate about driving innovation to improve the way we work by embracing transformative technologies

In this space, we are convinced that artificial intelligence can strengthen organizations, improve collaboration and foster deeper knowledge and creativity. “Augmented Coding”, is Globant’s patented, AI-powered tool to enable development teams to produce high-quality code faster and better, which is transforming how companies in every industry build software.

After having applied Augmented Coding throughout a multitude of projects, we want to share some of the revelations.

We conducted an exhaustive research to understand and measure how the development process improves with the use of Augmented Coding in every aspect: from the average time it saves a developer when coding, to how it impacts the number of stories per agile sprint, to its impact on quality and the number of bugs.

As an example, when starting a sprint, Augmented Coding helps identify previously implemented. This way, the development team can reuse any piece of code that another team has already created without designing that specific need again. This feature also guarantees that the teams aren’t duplicating code, improving quality and speed at the same time.

Learn about the experience of the teams using Augmented Coding in this whitepaper and their perspective on why this tool is dramatically improving how they develop software.

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