It is well know that nowadays it is indispensable to be part of the internet network, there are a lot of interesting and useful tools like the social media and valuable and almost infinite information available for free in the internet. This new technological trend has started a remarkable evolution in a lot of areas with the intention of keep up with the new online world and one of the new strategies is the digital marketing.

The arrival of the digital marketing

                Thanks to the technology development, it has become possible to access to the red from any place and this is has made the internet evolve until it nowadays has become almost indispensable to maintain contact with other persons thanks to all its applications. The constant use of the network has completely displaced the classic media that were used to carry out marketing and that is why the companies were almost forced to evolve for the benefits of employing the internet as a tool to maintain a close contact with their clients and to take advantage of this change to gather a lot more information than before at a faster rate than could have been possible by the classical media, this whole revolution is called digital marketing.
                The digital marketing became quickly a new strategy for improvement of the companies and allowing a mayor reach of audience, since you can take advantage of the speed of viral information to boost advertising or there can also be an advanced statistic analysis made from all the information that can be gathered in an appropriately designed web page and with this information, the companies can get to know a lot more about the interest of the public in general or even aspects such as the age, opinions and complaints of the buyers or other data that allow to improve the current strategy of the company.

The digital marketing as a double-edged sword

Although given all the benefits previously explained, digital marketing is an indispensable strategy nowadays, since without all these tools companies are at considerable disadvantage and is a competitive market they are destined to a too limited development or even financial failure in comparison to companies that apply digital marketing.
However it must be kept in mind that the digital marketing must be done in a smart way, since just as it has a long list of benefits, it could also cause problems for the company if it is not done properly. If an adequate plan is not drawn up, a considerable investment could be made in the realization of a digital marketing that does not adequately benefit the business as expected, on the other hand it could produce scandals or discontent that can become viral at a really quick rate, leading to the ruin of the image of the company if the situation is not properly managed, that is why as a powerful tool, the digital marketing should be managed by specialist.