11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA


Cloud Area


Understanding what Cloud means for your organization means to understand its architecture, models, mechanisms, security framework development, cost efficiencies, the power of instantaneous on-demand supply in business, service models and deployment models’ evolution to better provide your company solutions. New powerful drivers for cloud adoption as well as to operate product and services arise while cloud industry surf the new wave turning from Iaas to a SaaS.

Transitioning to ubiquity

At DES2022 we will explore the current such issues as:

  • Multi-Cloud Landscape
  • new application areas, such as Machine Learning
  • the new cloud-space arena
  • the cloud-skill gaps within the organization
  • migration elements & strategies,
  • cloud flexibility and security
  • fostering a Cloud-first mindset

Access is granted for Business, Premium VIP and Honour Pass holders.


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