10-12 JUNE 2025 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA


Making Digital Inclusive

The Future of Education and Work at #DES2019

The skillset essential on the job market is constantly evolving, as many job positions of the near future haven’t been invented yet. How to adapt in this ever-changing environment to avoid employment gaps in growing sectors and, at the same time, ensure the prosperity of our children? This year at DES we are introducing Making Digital Inclusive: The Future of Education and Work, an initiative aiming to increase the awareness of the social impact of digital transformation.

The solutions for the challenges of the future

As life expectancy continues to grow, the early age school education is not enough anymore, especially for professionals with 20 years of working experience and more. What is more, the vast expansion of the IT market and the constant development of more and more innovative technology created a need for new job positions, which on the other hand require acquisition of new skill set at the beginning of the education path, throughout early school, college degree and further on, during long years of professional development.

At this transition, we created Making Digital Inclusive: The Future of Education and Work, a forum, where companies and public entities gather to discuss the whole process of both basic and university education, and also further training programmes for professionals throughout their career. We are aiming to exert a multiplier effect of change, to reduce the digital divide and inequalities in STEAM careers, to strengthen VET and dual training, anticipating the change and creating the solutions for the future job market challenges