Cyber security and security of information are similar terms that can be used as synonymous without really having real distinction in peoples mind and that is the main reason that it is not well known that these terms are different and they imply different situations. For clarify the difference it is a good idea to define each one separately and specify which are the areas were they get to be manipulated.

Cyber security vs security of information

First we need to put both definitions on the table and analyze them:

  • The cyber security: It refers to the group of strategies and skills needed in order to protect the user in the cyberspace from any kind of crime and cyber-attacks that could be done to them.
  • The security of information: On the other hand the security of information is about the whole protection process of any kind of information, whether it is cybernetic of physical information from getting any harm, modification or unauthorized manipulation.

At the first impression of reading these terms we can assume that the cyber security is a subcategory of the security of information, but actually that is not completely the case. As we mention before the security of information covers all kinds of information and that includes of course the cybernetic information, but that also implies that if there is some kind of cyber-attack it has to affect the information in this media and as we know that is not always the case, when there is an attack of any kind on the cyberspace then that is part of the cyber security, even if it does not involve some kind of information.
So for making a summary: The security of information is sorely about the protection of information of any kind, and the cyber security is about the protection of any kind of delinquency or attack situation that a user can suffer on the cyberspace, whether it affects information or not.

Different mechanism and functions

Now that the difference of each term is clear, it is logical to think that their mechanism will also be different in order to keep their goals, so we will make these differences clear and explain in a general way how each one works.

  • The cyber space is focused on the authentication of the user that implies all the security mechanisms that are needed to confirm that the user’s identity is true in order to access any information or account on the cyberspace.
  • The security of information has as main goal three basic aspects: first of all the privacy of the information is mandatory by any way and it should not be seem by an unauthorized party. Secondly, there has to be protection of the information preventing it to be modified by an unauthorized party. And lastly but not least, the information has to be keep available for only the authorized users. These functions can be modify to be for personal security or business security.