The way of working has changed radically in recent years, needing to manage and control a large number of sources of information simultaneously. Daily work is becoming more and more complex. Big Data and the Internet of Things imply the generation of an immense amount of data on which we must make fast and precise decisions. However, the tools that are available today are not enough for an intuitive management.
This is where DeskWall is born, a new dynamic, ergonomic, flexible and collaborative KVM that allows an absolute and centralized control of different sources of information.
Created by GESAB, company with more than 25 years in the market, offering solutions for the conceptualization, engineering, design and implementation of integral projects for 24/7 critical environments.

DeskWall, the new visual standard

The development of large format, curved and ultra-wide screens open a wide range of possibilities when it comes to having a canvas where to locate different sources of information; from your own computer to different external applications, web services, IP video, streaming or remote desktop. All managed with a single keyboard and mouse.
DeskWall allows the management, administration, control of equipment and information sources through a single keyboard and mouse in a revolutionary concept: the multi-canvas. GESAB has created a new work philosophy that gives the operator the ability to generate, with absolute flexibility, a viewing space of up to 12Kh where to organize all your applications, programs, displays, app, smart apps, web services, IP video, streaming , Social networks or widgets.
DeskWall converts the growing complexity of systems and the large number of information into an intuitive experience. DeskWall is a comprehensive, personalized and flexible view of multiple sources to keep everything under control, better decisions, faster and more efficient in the control center. DeskWall is the technology that best fits the human eye. Sit in the middle of the action and enjoy a visual experience totally immersive and without distractions.
The DeskWall system incorporates the GESAB Health & Care smart widget, a tool that helps improve operator health in your workplace in critical environments as well as help prevent possible ailments and maintain proper physical activity.
GESAB has implemented all the necessary measures to guarantee the security, from the physical units of the system to the software, through the management of the same and the tools that allow the analysis and total control of the installation. Under the Security-Enhanced Linux module, DeskWall, as a closed system, provides the mechanisms required to support the most demanding security policies.
Although just launched, DeskWall has already been presented at different international fairs in Spain, Dubai, Holland, South Africa and the United States, with a spectacular reception. In the words of Joost Jacob, a CCTV specialist, DeskWall is the solution we’ve been waiting for so far. It is simply brilliant. The concept of control room that had until now has to be reviewed. The possibilities are huge.
DeskWall provides a large number of benefits in the corporate, operational and personal area, increasing operator productivity and company profitability in the short term, as well as optimizing energy efficiency by requiring fewer monitors. The greater visual and ergonomic comfort reduces the stress and reduces the risk of suffering occupational pathologies.