DES | Digital Business World Congress 2018 will once again bring together the knowledge of more than 450 international speakers dedicated to Digital Leadership, Cloud, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence, being in total over 150 hours of success stories, new business models, disruptive innovations, leadership and engagement strategies.
This year we will host world-class speakers, including:
Stuart Russel, the world’s authority and leader in the World Economic Forum of Artificial Intelligence, will share his knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and its applications to current business models. The expert will explain how one of the fastest growing technologies can be applied in a company’s processes, how to implement an AI strategy, will discuss the ethical dilemmas that can arise, and explain how to take advantage of this technology to enhance business development and profitability.
Tamara MacCleary, expert in Digital Marketing, technology and business development, will focus her presentations on the future of work. How job candidates, employers, new functions or new employment opportunities will change, generating digital transformation? Those are only some of the ideas that DES2018 attendees will discuss.
Arun Sundararajan, expert in Digital Economy and the impact on the business of the new models of the Platform Economy. The sectors of tourism and transport have been the first to face the arrival of the Collaborative Economy, a trend that is foreseen to inevitably impact other sectors and consequently transform them from the bottom up. DES attendees will learn how the face Collaborative Economy within their company and sector, how to take advantage of the opportunities it offers to create a sustainable economic development.
Aristedes Mahairas, special agent FBI heading the Cyber Operations/Cyber Division New York unit, will be sharing his expert global vision of which are the most important current cyber threats as well as those main emerging security business risks with some ideas on how to be prepared to face them, the evolving on cyber-criminals’ procedures (understanding new modus-operandi and mindset) and recommendation on how to address these challenges from the global Bureaus’ perspective.
Rahaf Harfoush, strategist and digital anthropology that addresses the intersections between emerging technologies, innovation and digital culture, during DES2018 will set the challenge to achieve a cultural transformation in companies that went through digital transformation successfully, discussing the effects it will have on the development of talent and business.
Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, director of IoT of Forum Virium Helsinki, will present a unique case study made in Finland. The IoT Expert lead an innovative project that has transformed the city of Helsinki into a world example of SmartCity, thanks to Internt of Things technology. The working model is based on gathering the knowledge of service providers to generate joint projects that eventually convert a city into a connected city, taking into account unique demographics of each of them (location, population, climate, etc.).