After some high-profile scandals in recent months regarding security breaches of our data, you are right to be concerned about data security. It seems that every other day we read about our personal and business data being shared online. However, there are some ways we can limit the threat.

Data access restrictions

This may sound like the simplest of all, but making some small changes can make a huge difference. If in your business, you find it difficult to keep track of who has access to what, it might be time to review your data security. Conduct an assessment of what an employee needs to access in order to do their job and limit any other access points. By keeping it strictly necessary, you can easily protect your data. And if a breach does occur, you can pinpoint it much more quickly.

Risk assessment and data security

It is always a good idea to have a data security plan in place. This could mean preparing for the worst in the event of a data breach. It is essential that you know exactly what to do in such an event. Conducting a risk assessment is a crucial aspect of any data security measures. Keeping such a security policy updated in line with technological developments and current events is also key to data security.

Password protection

Again, this might sound like the simplest of things to do but it is really one of the most important. Each employee with access should have a strong password and all of these passwords should be different. It is not enough just to simply mix upper and lowercase letters. An ideal password should also include numbers and symbols. It also helps if the password is ‘nonsensical’, in the sense that it does not refer to a name or date. Passwords should also change between departments so that no two passwords are ever the same.

Identify your most important data

The most confidential and crucial data of a business should be identified almost immediately in the case of a breach. This should be the data in which you have the strongest data security policy. This might mean investing in some type of blockchain technology in order to better aid protection. You will also need to limit the access to this data. Ensuring that any employee who has access to this data will need to go through a multiple step verification policy may also aid data security. By keeping this core of data in mind, you can also adjust your data security policy.

Backup for data security

It may sound obvious too, but backing up your data will ensure that you have access in the event of a breach. Losing your photos and messages after a security breach on your phone is one thing. Now imagine that throughout your business, with your most sensitive data. The result would be catastrophic. So, always keep your data updated and backed up.
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