With businesses fighting over markets and customers, data is growing in importance. The use of data and it´s benefits are essential for business success these days. But what is the role of data intelligence today?

Data intelligence and the customer

Our world has fast become digitalized. Now that business can be conducted from a mobile device in the palm of your hand, data has become a business´ new best friend.
By using data intelligence, companies can now gear their products towards a tailored audience. Collecting data on customer wants and needs is at the forefront. Understanding exactly what a customer wants now allows a business to deliver just that. A customer´s needs, now and in the future, can also be predicted. This allows a business to have an ´edge´ over their competition. Collecting as much usable data as possible allows a business to know their customer market inside out. Data intelligence is exactly that. Using data intelligently to expand and focus a business.
Data is really about understanding how humans behave. Classifying customer profiles can allow for a business to have a collated database of their market. This type of data intelligence can be used to direct marketing campaigns, for example. It is also invaluable for product launches and customer feedback.
Remember, your company could be one step ahead of the rest. The fight for customers is real and data intelligence provides a winning advantage.

Data intelligence in practice

Data intelligence can function in many ways. However, there are some general standards. Firstly, it can classify according to markets, products and people. These can all be sub-divided to make the data even more specific. Web-surfing technology such as cookies also allows for a classification of sorts. Your history is used to predict and tailor your movements online. This results in specific advertisements based on your web searches. This means that a business can easily recommend products based on your history. Amazon is at the forefront of this, but companies such as Netflix also use browsing history to customize recommendations.
This is extremely beneficial for a business. You do not waste time with tedious market research. Your customer´s buying habits are there in front of you, and you can predict exactly what they might want next. All of this increases profitability for your company. However, this is only one advantage of data intelligence. Knowing what to provide for your customer is the second. This guarantees they will return to your company, satisfied that you understand exactly what they need.
This is the true art of data intelligence. That the data provided can be used to make intelligent decisions about your next business move.
There is no doubt that data will continue to grow in significance. By using data intelligence, you will be bringing your company into a digital age. A digital age that shows no signs of stopping soon.
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