Nowadays companies encounter the new reality of a world that is more integrated through the technology and to achieve the adaptation in this new environment it is necessary to realize a digital transformation. It has been demonstrated in statistics that those companies that resist to evolve and prefer to stick to the old system will eventually suffer a reduce in productivity and even an inevitable shutdown.
To analyze a successful digital transformation we need to understand that there are a lot of challenges on the way to be overcome, those challenges are rooted to the whole process of overcoming the old system that has always been used and move on to a new system a lot more creative and technological that allows the companies to achieve a lot more goals and new possibilities for the company itself. To help through this transformation, we will mention some of the most common problems and challenges that companies encounter during this development.

Thinking of the digital transformation as something tedious

Sadly it is a reality for many people that going through changes are negative experiences and do not like to be involve in that kind of situation, in fact that is the main reason a lot of companies do not try a digital transformation, they feel so used to their system that refuse to even the idea that it do not work anymore. However thinking of the digital transformation as something negative is a great mistake, especially because it is the whole opposite because these changes can offer a lot of new opportunities of development to the company, help it to get in better contact with its customers and opening a lot of new possibilities in the digital business world

Not having a clear vision or managing well the data

The digital transformation has a lot of challenges; one of the biggest ones is that a lot of companies struggle to stablish a basic plan of how to approach the users in this new platform. To overcome this challenge it is necessary a lot of plantation, always thinking of the needs of the persons and how to satisfy them the quickest way, this needs time and constant try and failure.
Another really complicated challenge that involves a digital transformation is to know how take advantage of all the new variable information that can be gathered though this new tools. There is a broad variety of feedback variable on the digital world that can be gathered by data statistic, visit numbers, views counter and many other options that can be constantly checked to evaluate the performance of the company web site or application in the cybernetic world.
There is no need to put resistance to the digital transformation as it brings a lot of positive changes so if your company is about to go through this change it is important to communicate with your coworkers and staffs so there are no doubts and everyone head to a better future.