The computers and technological equipment represent a window into a broad online world that provides us with enormous amounts of free information, however among all the beneficial information are hosted discreetly located invasive software known as cybernetic viruses which are capable of altering data on our personal computers so that it does functions that we do not authorize and that are possibly harmful  so we most stablish a defense system to those potential threats which is achieved through and antivirus.

Antivirus: ¿What are they and how do they work?

Antivirus are defensive software developed for the detection and elimination of computer viruses. They work through different mechanism but in general terms they work as a vigilance mechanism with the priority of constantly monitoring all the files of a computer or intelligent device to ensure that they do not have unauthorized modifications or similar codification to the configuration of known and common viruses thanks to its own data base of information of viruses.
An antivirus can also isolate contaminated files and quickly clean they as well as they are able to create artificial simulations of virtual machines (Sandbox) for clever detection of any harmful behavior of the data without affecting the true information of the system.
Currently many defense mechanisms have been developed in addition to antivirus but par excellence a high quality antivirus is really important to maintain the security of private files as well as maintain proper operation of our technological equipment. Antiviruses have been so improved so much that they are able to recognize and eliminate the widely more harmful viruses including Trojan viruses, spywares and worms. Of course other kind of viruses that is not so invasive but that represent an annoyance to the user are also included in the data base of any antivirus.

Importance and development of antivirus

                A good antivirus is really essential today as there are many forms of infection as you browse the network, so it is inevitable that our computer or intelligent device will acquire viruses even if it does not connect to the internet. Mainly the first virus protection is the user’s criterion when it comes to avoiding potentially suspicious pages, mysterious file downloads or malicious mails (As a short example) but many sources of infection of cybernetic viruses scape these criteria and it is where an appropriated antivirus comes into play and alerts the user at the same time that it immediately prevents the virus from accessing to our device.
An effective antivirus is one that has an acute mechanism to immediately detect any threats to the computer or technological device, the goal is to keep the private data safe and all the system working well and it can be achieved by a well-developed antivirus, this fact does not implies that a good antivirus has to be paid because there are communities of conscious persons that develop free antivirus for the use of anyone who needs it as it is indispensable. Even companies that charge for them usually offers a free option for the users who needs antivirus.