11-13 JUNE 2024

Álvaro Sánchez


Chief Data & Analytics Officer



Alvaro is the Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Cosentino, leading the transformation into a Data Driven company and unlocking the true value of organizational data.

With a background as an Industrial Engineer from Polytechnic University of Madrid, he embarked on a non-technical journey by immersing himself in strategic consulting at McKinsey for 7 years. He furthered his education with an MBA from Berkeley Haas and ventured into the realm of Advanced Analytics, helping expand the AA Hub for McKinsey.

Later on, he joined the Falabella Group, taking on a variety of roles that eventually culminated in his leadership as the Chief Data & Analytics Officer. At his last role, he propelled the extraction of value by integrating data from all businesses and developing AI on top of it.

Alvaro is an experienced panelist at different Data&Analytics conferences. What sets him apart is his ability to bridge the gap between business and technical realms, always with a focus on delivering value.