11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

The power of content in the exponential era: culture, sports and (dis) information

Wed 12 Jun | 10:20 - 11:00

Experts in media, culture, sports, and technology discuss how content shapes our perceptions, influences our decisions, and defines our social interactions. From the proliferation of fake news to the virality of cultural and sporting moments, the complex interactions between content and society are examined. Additionally, crucial issues such as ethics in content production and distribution, the role of digital platforms in disseminating accurate information, and the responsibility of content creators in the era of disinformation are addressed.

Serafin I. Bailey

Serafin I. Bailey

Senior Global Marketing Consultant. Sports & Entertainment

Former Mediapro LVP, Umbro, LET, World Aquatics

Guillermo Ríus Barraguer

Guillermo Ríus Barraguer


The Valley Digital Business School