Víctor is the co-founder and CEO at YNSAT. With a background in Industrial Engineering and specialized in Innovation Systems and Technological Competitiveness, Víctor grew academically in Spain and the US. After ending his period in the US, he found that his now business partner and had a common passion: New Space sector.

After working on several projects in the new space sector, they realized that satellite technologies had a huge potential, but their impact was limited by the knowledge and technical barriers that the potential users had in this field. That is why YNSAT was founded as an accelerated project by the European Commission and ESA with the mission of building a smarter society and awakening its environmental awareness, making satellite data available to everyone, and providing useful information about our planet in a simple way.

Víctor enjoys the process of continuous innovation, from detecting a problem, to the later phases of ideation of the potential solutions, the development of them and, of course, the establishment and execution of the strategy to bring the product to the market in a successful way. This is the very reason why Víctor became an engineer: to overcome challenges through innovation and solutions not explored so far, and fortunately, that is what he is achieving with his team at YNSAT.