Jordi Nebot Carda, CEO and Co-Founder of PaynoPain since 2011. Jordi is a computer engineer and has a master’s degree in service robotics from Jaume I University (Castellón). He began his business career in 2008 in the ICT sector. In his 14 years of experience in the financial and technology sector, he has created, supported and carried out different projects.

– EasyGoBand, one of the first technological platforms in Spain for access and wallet for events and hotels, which allows you to pay in real time at musical events.

– Paylands, a payment gateway very focused on complex sectors such as hotels or gaming that offers its services and solutions to more than 30 countries.

– Paynopain Financial Services, the first license as an exempt payment entity granted by the Bank of Spain.

– He is one of the founders of Catness Game Studios, an indie video game startup that has worked on more than 10 video games and has almost 20 employees.

In addition, it has carried out projects in developing countries for the restriction of cash and help with digitization and banking in these countries.