Entrepreneur, engineer, developer, inventor with 5 patents and Founder and CEO of EVOCONS, a start-up that was born with the aim of solving the plurality of problems that involve the contemporary construction industry from the environmental, economic, architectural and social.

I have developed my work always keeping innovation and optimization as a basic pillar in achieving the objectives. As Technical Director and Project Manager, I have been responsible for measuring the performance of projects using appropriate systems, tools and techniques to ensure the availability of resources, execution times and profitability as part of the company’s strategy.

I am passionate about the construction industry, innovation, sustainability and robotics. During my work experience, I became more deeply aware of the disadvantages of both traditional and modular prefabricated construction methods and for this reason he dedicated the last few years to the development of an innovative technology: Evoconstructor®, an internationally patented system that allows, through printing 3D with concrete and robotics, fully automatic and sustainable construction for large-scale buildings.