We at Bolt are in a mission to reshape urban mobility. We believe that our cities can be greener and less car congested.

We do as well believe that companies can take an important role in this transition and, thus, we highly focus in delivering solutions that help them make an impact, whilst also reducing their operational travel costs.

My name is Afonso Costa and I’m a Senior Business Development Manager at Bolt Business. I’ve been working in this space for almost two years now and have delivered multiple mobility & catered solutions to companies across the globe.

Our offer is the most efficient and flexible corporate mobility solution on the market, providing affordable rides without the paperwork.

Further detail:

– Control, manage, and pay for your team’s work rides from a
single account
– Have the option to centrally book or schedule rides
– Go green as all our rides are carbon-neutral
– Take advantage of our massive global coverage & multiple
categories (car, e-scooter, e-bike)

Visit us at our booth to discuss further and make sure you attend our live demo as well!