Sometime in 2022 third party cookies will be phased out from the most relevant browsers. This will generate a shock in the digital advertising industry as it has traditionally relied on them in order to target ads to users. The new privacy first internet is about the change the landscape and those with large first party data sets will benefit inmediately. Most alternative solutions propose the use of personal data in order te generate privacy compliance IDs. However, the reality is that non-authenticated traffic conforms the majority of most publishers. We propose to adapt the Transparency and Consent Framework of IAB Europe in which a layer of identification is added. Once consent is granted at the CMP level, the user is redirected to a central, independent domain in which a first-party cookie is dropped with a specific period of validity of that cookie. Back to the local portal where the CMP has been launched, the encrypted ID is synchronized, taking into account the vendors consented through the CMP.