With the internet, the amount of information we control increased at a so fast rate that the need of having another mechanism to archive information was needed, the physical methods for storing information are not available for everyone as there is sometime not enough room for all the data we have and having enough memory could result in a really expensive inversion and that is why the cloud computing was created, to solve the problem and offering the users the possibility to have all their information stored on a cloud service. With the success of this interface, the investigation for improving the cloud services has made some notable advances that will be explained then.

More secure and efficient cloud computing

The development of cloud computing has aspirated to create a safe space where the users and big companies could store their information without any risk of suffering cyber-attacks, this implies having good authentication system and keeping high levels of security always actualized, that is possible thanks to the constant innovation on security system and the investment on good technology. The difference of the cloud computing and the traditional information storage systems is remarkable because the cloud is capable of evolving without affecting the service offered but for traditional information storage this is a more difficult operation, making it difficult to keep the information safe.
From the beginning of the cloud computing another trouble were the outages of the service, since the power systems required to maintain a cloud system were surpassed and collapsed unleashing an outage of the cloud service in a large scale. Nowadays this problem is almost solved, there may happen some outages but never at the same large scale and are situations that are quickly repaired to ensure a reliable service.

More affordable services

The big data was a complete challenge, the manipulation of the hardware and software capable of containing a big data system or also known as big data could cost millions of dollars and that made the cloud computing service limited to high costs and litter services. With the technology development it was possible to create public clouds that made possible a cost reduction and made possible the entry of big data systems as the investigators gained understanding of better ways to handle the big amounts of data and designing affordable cloud systems.
Another benefit of public cloud computing is the increase of users been able to access to this new service, increasing more and more each year. All these progress have transformed the cloud computing into a good alternative for data storage and even though the development has reached this far, there are still more information to learn about the cloud system and more developments to achieve in order to transform the cloud computing into a platform accessible for all the users no matter where they are and specially there are applications for big companies that need to be investigates, so the cloud computing transforms into the most reliable data storage system.