We have been talking about how people have been forced to work from home due to the Covid-19 crisis. In that post, we gave some tips and advice to be more productive while telecommuting and explained how digital tools are important to stay in contact with workmates, chiefs and also clients. But how can we maintain our clients’ relationship digitally? Christoph Trappe, one the speakers of DES, gives us tips to build relationships in the digital age.

Trappe talks about the 5 Es of social business:

  • Educate: Educating your audience comes back to sharing content that they might find valuable. But we have to be aware not to post too much content that people will feel spammed.
  • Engage: This can be as easy as replying to people within context. You can say simply “thank you for sharing my post” or add additional comments.
  • Enchant: Share something that engages with other people in a way that is highly meaningful.
  • Embrace: Connect with people on the right level and enjoy and value the relationship and exchange.
  • Empower: By sharing your knowledge and being available empower people to be successful.

As Trappe says, “building relationships anywhere online and off-line does take time. But with digital tools and even sophisticated automation we can build and maintain relationships at a much higher volume than it was ever possible in an off-line only world”.

In this sense, and according to Trappe, maintaining digital relationship with clients or workmates is not a problem nowadays. And it is not a problem either working from home if your business has all the information in the cloud.

In the actual situation with the Covid-19 crisis, Cloud Computing becomes very useful for business to continue with their normal activity. The Cloud Computing is the possibility of offering services through the Internet, a new technology that let business to have all their files and information on the Internet.

Here there are the main benefits that offers Cloud Computing and why you should implement it in your business:

  • Lower IT costs: lower energy consumption in the use of equipment and servers, no need to invest in computing infrastructure or its maintenance, and no need to buy licences for the use of some products or services.
  • Access to your business from anywhere: the fact that you only need internet connection to work allow workers to access to the business data at any moment, facilitating telecommuting and the communication between them. Therefore, accelerating decision making.
  • Bigger security in data storage: with Cloud Computing, there is no risk to lose information if there is a damage on the company’s equipment or infrastructure. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about back-up copies, because they are generated automatically.
  • Software always actualized: software actualizations are made automatically and without having to pay for them every time.
  • Infinite storage: Cloud Computing can store a large amount of data without having to invest in more equipment or physical infrastructure.
  • Easy use: It is very easy to use and it doesn’t require specific training. Moreover, there are no technical problems generated due to interoperability between systems, because everything is integrated automatically in the cloud.

Thanks to technology, a lot of business can still work in the actual situation because they have all the information on the cloud and the employees stay in touch through video conferences and digital tools. Nowadays, digitalization is more important than ever. Discover more about it at DES – Digital Enterprise Show.