The world of social media is constantly evolving. It’s getting harder and harder to engage, interact or attract your target. You really need something to differentiate your post, to make it attractive. We think that there are three keys: your message (what you are saying),  your action (how you send your message); your target (who you are talking to). What you’re offering has to be something with a profit, presented in a non-traditional way and received by someone you trust.

Gamification is the key. Nowadays, we are constantly receiving hundreds of information from brands but we always think: what do I get in return? Consumers need to feel that what they’re doing will give them a reward. At So-Buzz, we think that we think that it’s not just as simple as that !  Furthermore, we believe that there need to be an interaction with your target.

Games. That’s right. This is the best way to attract and fidelize your community. The gain will make them talk about you, but this differentiation will make them feel that you are doing something completely different. How you interact with your audience is as much important. Our solutions will make your audience feel that you are not just trying to give them something, but that you’re trying to interact with them in a different way that no other post they’ve seen today did.

The sender is as much important as the target. You feel most trusted if you get the message from one of your friends, right? As a brand it’s difficult to convey the same confidence as a user would. However, we shouldn’t forget that companies are made from individuals which can easily convey their messages and give them trust.

At So-Buzz we think that these are the three steps that every post should follow to achieve their final goal. Come to our presentation and see our way of doing things. Let our solutions inspire you to reach your full potential.