There is a significant offer of cryptocurrencies or digital coins. Since the Bitcoin was born back in 2009, many other similar virtual currencies have not stopped appearing on the market. Each of those digital coins has their specific characteristics and protocols.

Digital coins you should consider for investment


Without a doubt, Bitcoin is one of the most recognized cryptocurrencies. Mainly because it was a pioneer. When it appeared its value was not as high as it is today, and many people despised it out of greed. They simply could not wait for the quote to reach the figures that the virtual currency has at present.
The Bitcoin now is stable, and it has actually exceeded the $5,000 barrier and continues to rise. No wonder that Bitcoin is the leading virtual currency in our ranking of digital coins to invest in.


If Bitcoin is the most popular among digital coins at the moment and the most expensive in the market, we should not lose sight of the new favourite of many: Ethereum. Today, Ethereum is the second most used cryptocurrency around the globe.
There are many reasons for its success. The first one is that it is cheaper than the Bitcoin, and therefore an investment option more affordable to any pocket.
Ethereum is quite stable, and its price maintains an upward trend. It is growing little by little both in value and in the interest of the public. We would recommend you to give it a try.

Ethereum Classic

An interesting option, if Ethereum does not convince you, there is this economic variant, known as Ethereum Classic. The behaviour of the Ethereum will be reflected in this cryptocurrency.  Depending on whether this digital coin goes up or down,  Ethereum Classic will do the same


After Bitcoin and Ethereum, Litecoin is the third of our favourite digital coins. There are many investors considering it a priority.


Ripple is gaining confidence because even European banks have been interested in this cryptocurrency to use it in interbank payments. It is an excellent opportunity to invest in both medium and long-term and with a high level of security


To invest in the medium and long term we also have Stratis, a cryptocurrency that can also be commercialized. Since it has a fairly low price and there is no great risk of loss, Stratis becomes another very good option to invest.


Another cryptocurrency whose quotation tends to be low. It is a very interesting investment option because it has a lot of potential for the future. Consider it for medium and long term investments.
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