Wireless connection has become one of the most used ways to connect to the internet, it gives the freedom to move in a certain range while still having connection and depending on the bandwidth the amount of users is not truly limited. The demand has grown creating the need to improve the technologies required to take the wireless connections to the next level of data transference.

Development of better community wireless connections

The goal of creating a better infrastructure that can give more advanced benefits is a future step the developers are working for improving the wireless connections. The ideal solution would be creating new devices for wireless connections that can be included to the already existing infrastructure. This is still in the process of investigation but consider all the improvements these developments can offer to a whole community, creating a better connection with a bigger range so all the persons would have internet connections on a big area.  
Another benefit of this new infrastructure improvement is the whole progress in the community this implies, creating a net of communication and helping in the growth of new possibilities. Having free internet in a community can make a big difference especially nowadays and especially if the wireless connections is strong enough to facilitate the innovations process.

Investigations to make the wireless connections always available

The internet connection is fundamental in dangerous situations for keeping communications working well but the wireless connections are limited only to certain ranges and depend on special infrastructures as mentioned before but this structures are vulnerable to be deteriorate during natural disasters or catastrophes, in those kind of terrible situations the internet is out of service and that is a big problem nowadays. The current investigations on teams like WINS (Wireless innovation for a Network Society)are trying to create practical kits with devices or equipment able  to restore the internet connection in the area or even a drone made as a router so the signal can reach affected communities and help then get vital information and communicate.
The investigations to improve the wireless connections are trying to overcome the problem of the limitation of a range, to make possible that at any place a person can access the internet and get information with a good speed of connection and that implies solving many problems with the current signal, all these investigations are still ongoing but there are competitions in order to gather the better ideas to solve these problems, the development of wireless connections can take the whole society to the next level, helping to keep the communications and making possible new applications and programs that can rely on the internet will certainly lead to a better technology.
Improving the bandwidth of the wireless connections is also been investigated as the creation of new infrastructure is allowing the new 4G wireless connections be possible, all these innovations are maybe just a couple of years ahead, the better option is to be prepared for the new wireless connections technologies.