With technological advances come new applications to meet the needs of all and at the same time improve the quality of life. The American company Chaotic Moon goes one step further in the so-called wearable technology and presents some revolutionary temporary tattoos known as Tech Tats, which provide medical information in real time; this can be used for medical prevention, as well as to control the vital signs of the User while playing sports.

How Tech tats work

Chaotic Moon is the company responsible for the advanced tattoo. Tattoos really are not tattoos but a kind of small electronic board painted with a special ink that conducts electricity that sticks to the skin in a little invasive way and that can be removed at any time, able to monitor certain parameters of our activity and Physical state thanks to the electronic components it has, including a microprocessor and LED lights.
The ink that makes up the Tech Tats is not entirely traditional, but it is an electro conductive paint that is complemented by a microcontroller and LED lights fully customizable.
Attached to the skin, the electronic tattoo collects data related to our vital signs, such as stress level, body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure. This information is sent and monitored in our smartphone through the application specially designed for this purpose.
Each bio wearable biometric tattoo can integrate different sensors depending on what you want to quantify. Some tecnotattoos carry LEDs with which you can quickly identify the status of the subject, others connect via Bluetooth to an app that numerically qualifies the measured values.
It is not the only type of use that could be given to these particular tattoos, the benefits of this type of tattoos can range from the most basic health at home or in the hospital to sports and even some military functions, the location of the person who takes it and even pay the purchases made at a supermarket to the Samsung or Apple Pay. Of course at the moment they are in prototype phase and it can still be a long time until we use one of these in our daily life.
At the moment the biggest problem that is faced is the electrical power of the system, but if it could operate directly feeding the energy of the body would be practically eternal.
This start-up is working on the development and refinement of the prototype, as its technicians aim to expand their performance. These wearables could be a real alternative to the current activity wristbands. The CEO of the firm, Ben Lamm, considers this tattoo a new wearable and ensures that it could be a fantastic permanent alternative to the current activity bracelets such as Fibit or other manufacturers. And is that Tech Tats are able to detect if you are stressed, your body temperature, blood pressure or heart rate, and transmit that information through electro conductive paint, in addition, can be used by anyone, from the most Small to adult.