Digital disruption and technological changes have affected every possible industry in the market. Not only have we seen systems and processes transform on a supply and production level, but also experienced diverse organizational and cultural changes that affect and dictate how we work, communicate and ultimately grow as businesses and professionals. Now more than ever do well-defined strategies and innovative solutions need adaptive, receptive and forward-thinking leaders to be able to succeed.

This ever-transforming landscape is beneficial for a certain type of leader, one that is tasked with researching current trends, using advanced tools and communicating to the public. Within the C-Suite, the Chief Marketing Officer offers a diverse profile that can prove crucial in championing a work ethic that can benefit both the direction of the company and the overall performance of their people.

Adaptation is your pillar

When we’re asked to adapt, it is not merely an implication to accept change, but also to face it with all our strengths and capabilities so that the outcome of the situation is always positive and beneficial.

The CMO should not balk at the chance to shake up their environment because it is ultimately an opportunity for them to strengthen their skills and grow in their knowledge. When new tools or methodologies are growing in popularity or usage, don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty so you can figure out firsthand if the change is a novelty or the next best thing.

Innovation is your guide

According to the 2019 CMO Survey, leaders face challenges in growth generation through marketing actions. Moreover, CMO’s find it difficult to elaborate on their work and impact on business outcomes especially to fellow C-Suite members. Despite these concerns, marketers are naturally drawn towards finding, customizing and implementing new and efficient models to help maximize their work.

Numerous technological advancements have emerged to revolutionize our lives such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G. Innovation stems from an agile and problem-solving mind capable of maximizing the benefits of these technologies through a coherent strategy, not through implementation for the sake of relevance.

In our line of work, innovation shouldn’t be an empty motto, but the standard by which we work and communicate. It is through a creative mindset that we encounter the capacity to stay relevant, avoid stagnation and accomplish our objectives.

Communication is your asset

CMO’s understand the value and importance of communication. Through clear and effective communication, we are able to not only reach our targets, but also solidify our identities as businesses and professionals. We have reached a point where our profession requires transparency, accountability as well as ingenuity in the way we communicate in order to avoid alienating ourselves from the conversation. Therefore, CMO’s should never forget the importance of their core communication skills.

Ultimately, the most reliable way for tomorrow’s Chief Marketing Officers to navigate the transforming paradigm is through the development of these traits and the fostering of an open mindset. We don’t need to overhaul the way we work on a personal and professional level, having a open mindset and strong work ethic can guarantee success for all.