European Digital Mindset Awards 2021

11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

European Digital Mindset Awards 2021

DES – Digital Enterprise Show 2021 celebrated the 5th edition of the European Digital Mindset Awards at a gala dinner at IFEMA.

The European Digital Mindset Awards acknowledge the most innovative ideas. The awards also highlight the executives who have stood out over the past year in the way they have driven the integration of the digital economy into their companies’ business models.



For the top management leader of any company that is leading the Digital Transformation of its organization and have achieved stunning results, increasing the value of the company. Best President, CEO or C-level who outreach results thanks to a well-executed digital business transformation.


  • WINNER: Sonia Comajuan: Specialist in Customer Satisfaction, Customer and User Experience, Efficient, Digitize and Professionalize IT Services and Operations, supporting me in the use of Exponential Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Data, as well as the leadership and motivation of people.
  • Guillermo Llibre has a young and technological profile and has a successful career in many tech companies such as Groupalia or Glovo. Guillermo is the perfect representation of an entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies and has experience in management and investment.
  • Henrik Von Scheel is the Industry 4.0 originator. The mastermind of the digital theme we have today.




For the company that has better executed and performed the change from a traditional model to a digital business model or that successfully has combined both.

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  • Eroski connected Store Teams and Customers with AI. Stores are selling more product, while store associates and managers have more time to help customers and take care of all the other areas they’re responsible for.
  • WINNER: Correos has worked to give digital solutions for e-commerce to SMEs, now, with 5K active shops has launched its marketplace: Correos Market.
  • Tecnatom transforms a traditional group with 60 years of expertise into an agile start-up applying cutting-edge technologies and lean management.


For the best journalistic work, showing the impact of Digital Transformation in society, a specific industry or in an economic region.


  • WINNER: Digitalks created the DIGITALKS ACTION, an especial content curatorship to help digital businesses transformation through content. They helped 600k executives and professionals with digital content. Digitalks also pass through a transformation, since all this content is provided 100% online.
  • Ac2ality is an accessible and digital media outlet that aims to communicate worldwide news in one minute, in an objective, simple, visual, and most enjoyable way.
  • RTVE. Media are immersed in an unprecedented transformation, looking for a new business model while overcome coronavirus and technology is the key.


For the best marketing performance, that has reached significantly impactful results based on innovative use of marketing tools, digital channels, platforms, and others.


  • Zorka Agency decided to integrate automated sales funnels into the influencer marketing campaign. Together with the App Stores links that bloggers post under their videos, they invited their audience to subscribe to chatbots, which offered to find out what kind of a game character you are. This way of communication increased the number of paying users and decreased the cost per install indicator. The first-day retention rate also increased considerably.
  • Novartis Oncology. This campaign showed that despite the advances, breast cancer remains an unresolved disease and that it can affect all of us. The campaign was launched on social networks and it was upload to YouTube. It reached 10,8M impressions and more than 490K displays.
  • WINNER: TOP Tourism Marketing created the first tourist promotion short film to turn it into a completely sensitive experience for the viewers, stimulating their five senses, without moving from the cinema armchair. The technology chosen was 4DX, a revolutionary technology that elevates the cinema to all four dimensions. The campaign results have been more important qualitatively than quantitatively.


For the Digital Start-up with the highest impact in a sector based on an innovative and/or disruptive business model, and with a high projection for the upcoming years.


  • Genially is an all-in-one platform. Its value proposition is based on the fact that anyone can bring their creations to life through interactivity since, in any digital communicative context, interactivity captures the audience’s attention better and builds the receiver’s loyalty because it invites them to explore and interact with the information.
  • OPIN is a software that links online buyers with their real-time deliveries via the sales platform and their mobile device: it authenticates recipients to eliminate fraud, reduce failed deliveries & replace old methods with smart tech.
  • WINNER: Predict Intelligent Solutions puts AI solutions one lever higher: they put their Data Scientists’ industry experience into AI algorithms to automate the development of AI solutions.


For the Best Digital Accelerator of the Public Sector that recognizes the work of the public sector on digital transformation issues.


  • WINNER: Diputación Ourense: Ourence Province aims to achieve the best possible services and wellbeing outcomes in rural advanced communities by using digital innovation and technology.
  • Ayuntamiento de Málaga: Confia is a blockchain distributed network that automates the operation of the process of energy poverty associated with vulnerable customers.
  • ICRC: Using Virtual Reality, the ICRC has created an open sandbox digital environment to train soldiers in International Humanitarian Law.


Best Academy offering tools and necessary education to assure talent to drive digital business transformation.


  • WINNER: CEU: Digital Technologies promotes an efficient, innovative and scalable ecosystem, made up of students, companies, institutions and CEU Universities that generates digital talent, oriented towards the common good, the empowerment of women’s vocation and employability; and that can promote a sustainable digital transformation of our economy and society through programmes in alliance with large technology companies.
  • MIOTI leads training in cutting-edge technologies such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and eBusiness. We train professionals and companies who want to extract value from data and create new digital business models. MIOTI provides a hybrid learning experience focused on practising the latest technologies with real-life cases with the knowledge and expertise of our professors.
  • IMMUNE Technology Institute brings a unique methodology and holistic approach to education, where technology and human sciences are brought together. IMMUNE provides a unique arena for the best talents in tech to expand their knowledge and share their expertise, creating a community of inspiring leaders that will shape the future of technology.