Nowadays no one doubts that using Marketing Technologies (MarTech) raises companies´ productivity. But, how do you use MarTech efficiently?

Traditionally, Marketing & IT Departments had nothing to do with each other, but, in recent years, they are expected to collaborate in the search for the best tools to boost productivity. They suddenly have to understand each other’s needs, and investment decisions must now be balanced between IT & Marketing Departments. MarTech Developers are able to understand this and provide the right Help Desk for both their customers’ Marketing & IT Teams to succeed. Marketing teams need technical training just as much as IT teams need to understand the real value of MarTech.

But, is this actually happening? After reviewing the websites and LinkedIn profiles of around 7,000 companies included in the annual Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technologies Landscape, we can confirm that MarTech Developers spend most of their resources on product development, disregarding Marketing & Sales (almost 30% do not even have a LinkedIn profile). They are focused on building great products, believing that will be enough. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Having good technology is obviously important, but so is making it visible to the right target. Spending all your resources on developing a product means that there will be no resources left to market it. It does not matter how good your product is, it will not sell itself. It is time for MarTech Developers to speak their customers´ language, deliver value contents and develop a marketing strategy based on a deep understanding of their own customers´ needs.

Based on our statistics at MarTech Forum, these are the Top 6 Software Categories searched by our users from Spanish- speaking countries:

  1. Content Marketing: 18%
  2. Web Development: 15%
  3. Graphic Design: 15%
  4. E-Commerce: 10%
  5. Offline Advertising: 7%
  6. Usability: 7%


Although the number of MarTech tools is continuously growing, most searches are still related to “traditional” ones. Are MarTech Developers missing the potential of their own products by focusing only on development and sales, while neglecting marketing actions to raise awareness and properly train both market and marketing professionals in their own technologies?