Fujitsu has accommodated it’s annual event Fujitsu World Tour 2016  as part of the DES2016 event. Fujitsu World Tour 2016 showcases the most technological and sophisticated digital transformation proposals of the company and its partners.
Ángeles Delgado, Fujitsu Iberia CEO, hosted the opening session of the sixth edition of this one-day event, with 14 sessions focused on the discussion around the challenges and opportunities of the digitalization in fields as Science, Banking, Public Sector, Health, Justice, Insurance, Transportation or Retail. Ángeles Delgado highlighted the relevance of DES2016 as “a global event where Madrid becomes the world capital of the digital businesses.”
At the same time, brought to the table two fields where digital transformation and technological innovation play a relevant role to accomplish the task of working on them: On one hand, Tourism, and on the other, the aging of the world population.