Network nodes are the ultimate and sophisticated tools that enable computers to connect between them, this technology is really important due to the network wireless connections. This method helps homes, telecommunications and big installations at companies to avoid the troublesome process of introducing cables and built a whole system between equipment locations.
A very good example of this technology is cell phones networks, satellite and wireless local area networks. For computers it has been a very good signal technology and it has brought a significant change to data networking, making people’s lives and jobs easier, distributing communications at anytime and anywhere.

The Wireless age

Telecommunications are the transmission or reception of sings, signals or messages thanks to electromagnetic systems, this new technological era started in the early 1800’s, and important characters such as Samuel Morse, Andre Ampere, Heinrich Hertz and others, are part of this wireless connection history.
Radio was the first wireless connection, and it was called this way because it is transmitted through stations that radiate electromagnetic waves. Nowadays there are important network connections like Wi-Fi, which started in the 1980’s due to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that allowed people to use lot of band of wireless spectrum without a government license.

The future of the communication

Modern life has been improved thank to the communications, nowadays people can have a better and most dynamic way to send and received information and thanks to wireless connections people’s interaction are more sophisticated and easy. Power consumption, networks capacity and even global warming can be changed and reduced due to this technology.
The future of wireless connections is bright, and ensures a very modern and technological life, many big companies and engineers and groups are studying everyday to improve devices and networks so life is not far from a very high tech future.
Researchers from important Universities are developing new techniques to upgrade this type of communication, like a system to estimate and cancel out the interference from any person’s transmission, allowing a radio device to transmit and receive on the same channel, requiring only one channel for two way communication.
Other Scientifics designed a full duplex transceiver architecture that can combine electrical balance isolation and active radio frequency cancellation, able to be used in smart phones or tablets, this project can make the wireless connections to suppress interferences by a 100 million.
Creations and inventions could be so big and so well structured that wireless will be high powered networks that will be able to make every gadget and gizmo autonomous, like cars and trains, even house devices and so much more, like the evolution to 5G mobile or other features such as frequency bands for cell phones that can support different frequency channels all around the world.
Wireless connections permit a connected future and thanks to this, many resolutions will be approved for communications techniques and applications such as the internet of things, which will include machine network, smart cities and sensor networks, this mean that a large number of applications that require wireless transmissions and connections will be as efficient as it is expected.