We have seen in old cartoons smart homes that were capable to turn on and off certain objects or had different functions that helped the tenants get the house chores to get done. Well those futuristic ideas are not so far away from the reality, since the technology nowadays have made possible for the home appliances and furniture to become smart devices that can create a network you can control from and application so you always have control of your things and can remotely select the functions they will do.

Have total control of your smart home

The smart homes transform everything into something you can control; we are talking about clocks, lights, speakers, heaters, windows, almost every item on your actual house can be transformed into a smart device. All these devices are connected to create a complete system out of a home and transform it into a sophisticated environment that can be controlled completely from your smart phone. This amazing technology certainly gives you the power to manipulate your home from anywhere and to make sure everything is under control, because you can turn off the kitchen and prevent a fire or you can turn on the lights and the heater before you arrive home, the possibilities are plenty and really practical.
The smart devices have evolved from been just lights turning on or off to very detailed functions like devices that can help you cook, tell you all the details you need to know while you are cocking so the outcome is always tasty. There are even security system adapted to the smart homes, they can work on a personalized way and alert you by alarms to your personal cellphone or computer if something happens.
Command everything by different ways
The development of the smart devices has achieved an incredible adaptability to the user. At the beginning you only could control everything by its own controller and that carried the problem of having numerous controls for all the smart items in the house, this has changed and no you can command by any way you want, the smart homes have become smart networks that you can control by a central control, by internet, through your cellphone, by clapping your hand and even by voice commands.  
There is also different radio networks created for smart home, the most important ones are ZigBee and Z-Wave, they work as a total house control giving each item a determined code and when a command is given they can analyze which is the fasted route to achieve it and have the order done. Using radio waves is more efficient and is a lot more convenient than using the electrical lines, because they can get saturated from also powering the electronic devices at home.
The smart homes are improving and getting better each day so all the commands are possible and the safety, comfort and adaptability are always present in a house, a lot of devices are being sold at good prices so the innovation of the home is already possible.