European Digital Mindset Awards 2023

11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA

European Digital Mindset Awards 2023

DES – Digital Enterprise Show 2023 celebrated the 7th edition of the European Digital Mindset Awards at Castillo de Gibralfaro

The European Digital Mindset Awards acknowledge the most innovative ideas. The awards also highlight the executives who have stood out over the past year in the way they have driven the integration of the digital economy into their companies’ business models.


BEST DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION ENTERPRISE: Best Digital Transformation Enterprise for the company that has best executed and realised the shift from a traditional to a digital business model or successfully combined the two

FINALIST: Genially: For their online platform to create and share animated and interactive content

WINNER: Gonvarri Industries: For presenting a disruptive and innovative project that has led to the digital transformation of around 10,000 Gonvarri’s employees worldwide.

FINALIST: Sanitas: for the project “Sanitas’ digital transformation initiatives


BEST INSPIRING/INFLUENTIAL MEDIA WORK: Best journalistic work stating the extraordinary impact of the Digital Transformation to society, a specific industry or company.

FINALIST: Arena Spain: for their impact of digitalization on the meaning of the medium Television for people and its effect on the audience measurement industry

FINALIST: El Español: for The five dimensions of the gender gap in the digital sector: from vocations and training to financing

WINNER: RTVE: for using and testing the possibilities of artificial intelligence by coloring black and white images from our archives to preserve them


BEST MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Best marketing campaign based on the optimal mix of digital channels to maximize impact and results.

WINNER: Thing or Two: for presenting An unconventional multi-channel strategy to help Waylet’s redefining the mobile payment transformation in Spain

FINALIST: Labelium Play: for presenting ghd Spain and Labelium Play join forces to elevate the brand’s strategy through innovation-based platforms and Machine Learning optimization

FINALIST: Fotocasa: for changing the companies’ communication model with the media and television and promotes response immediacy with videos of their press releases


BEST DIGITAL ACCELERATOR, PUBLIC SECTOR: Best Digital Accelerator of the Public Sector being able to respond to challenges with digital transformational execution.

FINALIST: Andalusian Digital Agency: presenting Digital entrepreneurship from Minerva to the future: creating a digital entrepreneurship ecosystem in Andalusia

FINALIST: National Pole of Digital Contents in Málaga for activating a global digital Innovation ecosystem to promote local development and generation of new professional careers and job positions.

WINNER: SECUWARE with its DNI WALLET: Digital Acceleration for Public Administration Services


BEST DIGITAL PROJECT ORIENTED TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY: Best Digital Project -corporate or entrepreneurial- oriented to achieve the SDG´s of the 2030 Agenda.

WINNER: Éxxita Be Circular and FUNDACION ONCE: presenting Algoritmo Verde, an innovative project that aims to generate digital employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities

FINALIST: Minsait to lead the valuation and accounting of impacts on Natural Capital through its innovative platform called READS, developed in partnership with Repsol. 

FINALIST: REPSOL for their project Pelltinel based on Intelligent Microplastic Detection


BEST DIGITAL DISRUPTOR START-UP: For the Digital Start-up with the highest impact in a sector based on an innovative and/or disruptive business model, and with a high projection for the upcoming years.

WINNER: Idoven for leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Cardiac Health

FINALIST: Topazium Artificial Intelligence for NutriGuard, an AI tool to harness the healthy benefits of food

FINALIST: Health Circuit: for QUERALT Indices for prediction of In-Hospital Events Using Simple Administrative Healthcare