11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA


VR/AR Technologies Convergence, Accelerates Business Transformation

Perhaps we are facing the fourth wave of VR / AR in the last two centuries. It has been the COVID-19 pandemic, which has helped to accelerate this transformation process in many companies, forced to telework collaboratively, due to the temporary lockdown of factories, workplaces, schools, and universities, etc.

This process of adaptation to the new reality has been for many of us, an unprecedented challenge, betting on accelerating transformation processes, digitizing procedures to the maximum, incorporating highly qualified talent balanced with immersive 3d technologies in real-time (VR / AR / MR) in its multiple fields of activity and application, adapted to each industry.

The power of immersive technologies has been reflected in those companies that we’re able to pivot and adapt quickly to this new context. From the incorporation of immersive collaborative environments to remotely interconnect employees, the reinvention of virtual events, conferences, and exhibitions, capable of bringing together thousands of attendees from all over the world in the same virtual place, it is the new real scenario.

Many enterprises, organizations, universities, hospitals, and large corporations have definitely opted for immersive technologies as a method of training their teams to adapt their skills to the new mission. We can see some clear cases in the automotive sector, aerospace, the energy industry, the medical sector, or marketing.

This new scenario has highlighted, once again, the need to accelerate changes in organizations, to achieve more dynamic structures, adaptable to new times, and with the ability to work from anywhere, at any time with different multicultural teams on the network.


The adoption of VR/AR technologies and their integration into a new context, requires the adoption of immersive technologies in real-time, to remain resilient, and provide tools and methodologies to the teams, improving productivity, motivation, quality of work and reducing costs that do not add value to the business.

Today we can no longer speak about VR / AR as an isolated and emerging technology. The integration with Artificial Intelligence, 3d Real Data Visualization, Internet of Behaviors, 5G … makes it an absolutely essential tool in strategic sectors of our society such as the Automotive Industry, Manufacturing, Oil, Gas, Retail, Aeronautics, Marketing, Location-based VR, Health, Training or Education.

According to Gartner and the Fortune 500, it seems that this situation is not a temporary state, mainly due to technological convergence impact and its direct implication in the results. These trends are part of a larger push and it seems that more than 75% of CEOs are accelerating this process of technological transformation in their organizations, as a response to the new reality created by the Pandemic.


The time for VR/AR is NOW.

Carlos J. Ochoa, President VR/ARA Madrid Chapter.


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