11-13 JUNE 2024 | MÁLAGA - FYCMA


IoT Arena

The data interconnection


The unconnected economy is over. The companies are embracing IoT faster and faster, and devices are proliferating as an applicable transformative technology to key industries like Healthcare, Energy, Transport, or Retail, just to name a few. Investment in data creation occurs through interconnected devices, tracing patterns that lead to smart actionable insights to produce the right outcomes in the right way at the right time, fueling business processes that maximize corporate value while reducing risks.

Hyperconnected environment

IoT will enable lower connectivity options that will facilitate mass adoption, impacting Cloud Technology and Security.

  • Time-sensitive Data Management
  • new low connectivity options
  • the Botnets risks
  • Data ownership
  • IoT data-driven momentum

IoT Arena is held on Wednesday, June 15. The access is granted for Business, Premium VIP and Honour Pass holders.


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