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Blockchain Tech Series

Uncovering the (trusted) future


Blockchain technology will deeply transform the future. Data management and the new possibilities based on distributed shared automation will bring implications both corporate and institutional. Pillars for industry adoption are being shaped which the new possibilities and effects blockchain-applications will bring.

The new wave of blockchain

This first Blockchain wave is pushing ahead to decentralized and cryptocurrency future, but to unleash to its full potential many challenges remain, such as mass adoption, standardization, its regulatory implications, interoperability, and many more. DES2019 will explore such issues as:

  • the blockchain disruption
  • cryptocurrencies landscape
  • the latest applications on blockchain

Blockchain Tech Series is held on Wednesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 23. The access is granted for Business, Premium VIP and Honour Pass holders.

Join Blockchain experts at #DES2019
Sukhi Jutla
2018 FT Leading Tech European
MarketOrders COO
Nikolai Søndergaard
Nordic Blockchain Association
Sally Eaves
Sustainable Asset Exchange (SAX)
Almudena de la Mata
CEO of Blockchain Intelligence Center of Excellence
CWLN European Investment Bank (EIB)
Marloes Pomp
International Strategy & Partnerships
Dutch Blockchain Coalition
Andrew Darley
Blockchain Leader Europe


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