All the Business need to communicate what they are doing. It can be in one to one B2B meetings, or in one to million B2C massive campaigns. What Digital has put on the table is that, suddenly, the entry barriers of communication have fallen. Nowadays, more and more Business can create communication campaigns. From Online one to one relationships, or Digital massive campaigns. It is a fact that the number of Business doing advertising campaigns in social media have multiplied in the last couple of years, but the number of people consuming media is not growing that fast… This leads to the conclusion that the communication arena will get even more crowded and the efficiency of advertising efforts will decrease dramatically. Very soon.

What can we do?

If you want different results we have to do different things.
To do different things we have to think in a different way.

Why don’t we think the other way around?

Instead of putting our Brand in others’ content, we can build our very own Brand’s content. If companies build Proprietary Content that both connects with companies values and people is loving to consume and share, the Business can heavily invest in giving visibility to their own content. We all have to remember that Proprietary Content is IP (Intellectual Propriety), and IP is an asset that has value in a Balance Sheet. At the end, the road to success in the dilemma between Performance Building and Brand (Soul) Building is, for sure, winner proprietary content that accompanies people through purchase funnel.
Push Advertising is dying quickly, Pull Advertising is becoming the only way of profitable interaction with the people we want to buy our products and services.
It is all a matter of efficacy and efficiency.

Xavier Arderiu
Marketing, Mediapro