Technology has arrived to change our lives in an unexpected way. Our companies, our projects, our lives are now completely linked to the internet. In a world where things are made much faster thanks to connectivity, our companies move millions of data through the network. Very important data that could become the target of cyber pirates. It does not matter if you own a multinational or an SME, any company can be the victim of a cyber-attack. To prevent these risks, it is important that we take measures in this regard, it would be good to follow these cybersecurity strategies.

5 cybersecurity strategies to implement in your company

1. Do you know what data your company collects?

This is basic and supremely important. What data is your company collecting? You must do an audit to know these data and thus be able to classify them. Which of these data may be in the public domain? Not all the data you have should be known by all. Some of the data must remain private both for the safety of your company and your safety and that of your employees.

2. The importance of having strong passwords

“Myname1” is not a secure password, neither “1234”. When you understand the importance of the data you handle, you begin to understand the importance of having strong passwords. You should not put your head on a silver tray to your attackers. Make things a little harder for hackers with long passwords, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The identification of multiple factors is also a good idea.

3. Https protocol

Websites that have the Https protocol have an SSL / TLS certificate installed. Which means that the data transmitted from the browser to the server will be encrypted, protecting them from intruders.

4. Updated software

Many people prefer to keep the original software and avoid updates. Wrong. Keeping the software updated is one of the most important cybersecurity strategies to keep us safe from hacker attacks.

5. Cybersecurity culture

This is one of the strategies that you must implement from the beginning in your organization. It is useless to take the relevant security measures if your employees are not trained. Both you and all your employees should know the importance of these cybersecurity strategies and actions, so, that they can act correctly and avoid attacks. Establish cybersecurity policies and culture in your company, limit the use of the network and access from devices outside the company.