Despite the fact that we have reached the digital and automated era where bots and AI could be responsible for a new wave of social paradigm, some businesses or business areas are facing challenges when engaging in digitalization, and some are even failing to come with a digital version of the role they are currently playing on the market.
One of these areas is consultancy.
As a broad concept, consultancy provides different types of support to companies, from daily management tasks to strategy and long-term planning, going through Research & Innovation (R&I) management.
Within this challenge, consultancy services should provide a range of efficient supports, adapted to the business areas to be leveraged, especially the ones related to innovation and R&D.
Usually companies, put special focus on accessing technological trends, in order to plan in advance their future developments, build new projects according to in-company resources, plan collaborations with third parties, or allocate their budget in compliance with the available public and/or private funding.
Studies show that companies, that allocate 10% of their annual budget to R & I, are consolidated with a growth of 15 to 20%. This budget is commonly distributed among R&D active tasks like: results dissemination to specific stakeholders; exploration of new technological resources and latest trends; as well as identification of the owners and producers of such trends in order to promote collaborations and explore possible synergies.
There is no standardized strategy for managing R&D and innovation, and each company defines the resources and actions according to its present project. Most of them have access to peer-reviewed journals, specific databases, and intelligence & surveillance software as standard tools in order to get updated on technological trends and evaluate what are the most appropriate options for them.
Although these resources are digital, their effectiveness and usefulness vary according to both user experience and type of research.  In most cases, it’s a time-consuming weary dull task.
Excellenting tackles this need with a translational database that gathers information from public and private resources, in order to provide companies with a first class recommendation tool to manage their R&I insights; to promote technological results, and to pull collaborations among the gathered stakeholders on the platform.
In Excellenting, we have reduced the companies’ burden by surveying and qualifying scientific and technological proposals on one hand, and on the other hand, by taking into account our clients interests and inclination.
Our optimized engine will match your technological projects and demands with innovative solutions, actively providing specific technological recommendations that fit your needs.
Maysoun  Douas  Maadi
CEO, Excellenting