Since we lived in caves, the way to transmit knowledge, history, beliefs and identity has been telling stories. Some of us read them, others watch them and others play them. Yes, the best rated video games have a solid history that sustains them. Business storytelling is no more than that: telling stories. Knowing how to tell a good story is synonymous with knowing how to make good content marketing.

Making good business storytelling requires a startling principle

Good novels and good movies hook us from the first moment.  Questions are made whose answer we want to know. Or there are problems that our brain needs to solve. It is important to know how the human brain works to make good storytelling.
People like order above all things. That’s why good stories begin destroying the established order. So that our head wants to return to a safe place.  That’s why to make a good business storytelling within the context of content marketing you must raise a question that your user is interested in solving. If not, nobody will continue reading. Look at the beginning of this article: to talk about content marketing I have taken you to the stone age.

The knot: or how to make everything seem more difficult before the final solution

Between the startling principle and the end, there must be content of interest to make a good business storytelling.
Business Storytelling is, in a single article, the equivalent part to the middle area of the sales funnel. Make sure all your information is valuable. It is useless to hook a potential client with a good start to lose it in the second paragraph. So that this does not happen, you must handle two things: information structure and rhythm. Those are the two fundamental aspects to make a good business storytelling.

Why do we say that everything seems more difficult?

Because this is the part where the content of the article is more concentrated.

  • Structure
    • How to sort the content in a logical way using tools such as
      • Titles
      • Subtitle
      • Lists
      • Rich text (bold, italic or underlined)
    • Leave blank spaces
  • Rhythm
    • The density of information well distributed in the text to make it easier to read
    • Reasons why these blanks are needed.

This is like all those chapters or central minutes of a novel or movie. You must make them interesting and, if necessary, repeat them so that there are no loose fringes in the memory of your reader.

The great finale

Here you must solve the problem that you introduced at the beginning. The end is what will turn your reader into a customer.  This is where you can not afford to cheat.
You want your reader, your user, your client, to be committed to your business and your brand. You want your client to remain engaged to you. That’s why you offer quality content. Stories where you solve your problems. That’s why you trust the structures of content marketing.
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